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Welcome to CityBreak.

CityBreak is a webcomic that is written and illustrated by Oscar Stockdale. it started on October 27th back in 2010. The Comic follows a guy called Greg and his furry friend, Larry, on their somewhat magical yet also completely random adventures.

Inspiration Hit Like a Ton of Shit

Recently I've been thinking of ideas for new storylines and suddenly I realised that over the course of 1 year I've come up with hundreds of potential ideas for comics I could adapt and use for CityBreak. I'm not going to go into much detail but I am going to give you the names so you get the basic idea;

The Ultra Pit
That Devil Guy
Tick Tock
The Webmaster
The Legend of Quests
The Magical Adventures of Half Naked Man (Don't ask)
Detective Philip Pagett
Monster Hunter

These aren't all of the ideas, there are many, many more floating around my computer just waiting to be used. A Fair few of these have ideas behind them that I could possible use for story arcs and some of the others are more what I say is suited for an one off story. The main thing is that I have a years supply of ideas just waiting to be used. I plan to be doing a lot more Citybreak this year then what I did last year

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finally I'm 15 years old and ready for what the next year of my life has is store for me. on another note recently I've gone into HIATUS with city break to work on scripts and get some new inspirations. when I'm ready to return I'll return

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Website Work

I'm doing some small changes to the website. like as you might of noticed if you've been on recently I've added a fav button to the top right hand corner.

note: i stole the code from SJ Christmas 09 that's why it looks so festive but I'm Changing it soon to something more suitable.

I've added new page The OAQ page which i hope to get done by the end of the year.

Anyway The Christmas story even though it will not be finished by Christmas it will go on into next year and end near my birthday at the end of January. I'm going to start drawing some new pages soon so keep looking out for updates.

Oscar Out

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A Short Break

as we all know Christmas is a busy time of the year. I Know I Said I would start trainers log but at the moment i would rather do a Christmas story so I'll save trainers log for another time
but you can still look forward to a Christmas story

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Just wanted to tell you guys

I'm Currently in the process of starting an simple animated series about a robot. Don't worry it will not get in the way of comic making but will start updating ASAP. so keep reading the news for updates on episodes.

and Trainers Log will start updating late next week for those of you that don't know

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Great News

No More Sketches because i got working. so expect an update soon, I've already got a few of the next pages drawn out. I just need to download some extra effects then I can continue making some more strips plus thank you to JimLad for telling me about system restore setting.

Plus Random Comics Back in the Extras section where they belong

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ah crap...

Okay here's why there will not be another update for a little while. it's because on my laptop, is playing up (the program i normally use to make the comic), i hate using gimp and i don't have photoshop. so expect another comic sometime next week


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I moved Some Comic Strips into the extras area

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